Real Gold Tiger Stripe Asian Cut Pants Faded well Used

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We are pleased to present a pair of real gold tiger stripe, Asian cut pants. Overall, the pants have a strong sense of use and fading. In addition to the yellow fading, there are areas where the color has flown white due to sunburn and other factors. The pants are a typical Asian cut pant with no pockets at hand, and there are a total of five pockets and straps at the hems still in place. Please check the photos for missing buttons. If you wish, we will provide you with an alternative spare button free of charge. Please let us know in the remarks column. The size stamp is in a condition that is very difficult to read what size A- can be read, but then is L or other sizes are very difficult to read. The overall color looks brighter in the photo, but it is a bit more smoky, and the overall impression is dark brown. Some of the buttons on the crotch are broken. It is hard to read, but there is a name embroidered on it. I am not sure if it was worn during operations or during training or day to day. The stripes have faded in places to the point that they appear dark blue or purple. This is a very difficult piece to color and we can send you additional photos if you would like. Please inquire before purchasing. Despite the signs of use, you can enjoy very beautiful color and fading. This is a used item and cannot be returned. You can see the actual item in our showroom. Please reserve from the "SHOWROOM" page.

Size (flat): waist 39cm hip 48cm inseam 71cm

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