Real Silver Tiger Stripe Deadstock Pants US-M with tanning, etc.

This item is temporary out of stock

We are pleased to present these real pants in deadstock condition with silver tiger stripe pattern. The size is US-M, which is a modern man's size. The item has been stored for a long time, so it has not been drained and the black stripes still have a glossy finish. The black stripes are still shiny. The fabric is slightly tanned, and the base dye is slightly discolored with yellow. Of course, there are no missing parts and the zippers are YKK. The US-M stamp is still present and in excellent condition. The US cut of the Silver Tiger is known to be a larger pant size than the jacket, and although it is a US-M, the size is closer to a modern L-XL, so please check your size and enjoy. It is in excellent condition, so you can still enjoy it. Although it is a dead stock item, we will treat it as a used item because more than 50 years have passed. Please note that we cannot accept returns.

Size: US-M

Size (flat): Waist 46.5cm Hip 56cm Inseam 85cm

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