Original silver tiger stripe boonie hat, embroidered, good condition, large size.

This item is temporary out of stock

This is a real silver tiger boonie hat. It is an unusual large size, about size 60. It is overall faded and has faded to white all over to the point where you can tell it is meant to be called silver. The rim is embroidered with JERRY, VIET-NAM 1970, which suggests that it was made when he returned home as a souvenir. Comparing the fading of the intention and the overall fading, the intention is thought to be newer, so it is assumed that he kept the embroidery on the boonie he was using. The rim is shorter than the standard one, 4.5mm. This item is subject to the return policy of the actual item, and we will be happy to return it for a refund for a certain period of time if you are not satisfied with the item after you receive it. Please contact us for additional photos or questions prior to purchase. This is a very nice piece and we hope you will enjoy adding it to your collection.

Wearable sizes are rare. Size about 58 to 59

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