Real Tiger Stripe Booney Hat TO79 with stamp in good condition

Only 1 left in stock!

A very rare Tiger Stripe Booney Hat has just arrived. The fabric is almost the same as the famous Tiger Stripe, commonly called Okinawa Tiger and stamped TO78, but the color and fading are different, so it is probably from a different lot. My guess is that the fabric was made in Japan and sewn in mainland Japan, Okinawa or Taiwan. As there are no firm records, we do not know exactly what happened. It is in very good condition, moderately faded and white enough to understand why it is called Silver Tiger. There is one damage to the inner lining and the black fabric of the lining is torn. Tiger-striped boonies are, of course, a consumable item, so the number of existing ones is dwindling. The ones distributed in Japan are sometimes found unused because they are sometimes mixed with surplus items manufactured in Japan at that time, but this boonie was released by a former veteran in the United States, so it is kept in the condition it was actually used. We plan to add more Tiger Stripes in the future, so if there is a pattern you are looking for, we will do our best to prepare it for you. This item is subject to the return policy of the actual item and can be returned within a certain period of time after you receive it. Please ask for additional photos or questions about the item prior to purchase. We will respond as quickly as possible.

Size: A-L (about 56)

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