Original Tiger Stripe Boonei Hat, custom made by VNMC or Advisor personnel, almost unused.

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This is a custom made boonie hat with tiger stripes in the VNMC pattern. It is real and almost never used.
At the time, some VNMC members brought in fabric from the Sea Wave pattern to tailor a boonie to their liking.
It is thought that this is one of the ones made at that time. It looks more like a beach ball hat than a boonie hat shape.It is made by piecing together various shapes of dough in a patchwork fashion, similar to the shape of a pizza cut. From the lack of signs of use.The background of its production is unknown. Some of the seams between the rim and the top have frayed edges where the stitching has been removed.
Other than that, there are some lint and fabric scraps, but it is a beautiful piece. The stitching suggests that it was not made in Japan. This item is subject to the return policy of the actual product and can be returned for a certain period of time after you receive it. Additional photos and questions about the item are always welcome, so please contact us prior to purchase. We are happy to discuss your purchase without going through our website, so please contact us directly if you are interested.

Size: 56-57 approx.

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