Original non ripstop fabric ERDL jungle fatigues jacket, faded, scratches.

This item is temporary out of stock

The non-ripstop ERDL Jungle Fatigue Jacket is now in stock. This is a rare gem that uses a poplin fabric rather than the more common ripstop but not reinforced fabric. It has a very strong sense of use, and the overall color has faded to a white, mauve. It feels uneven and against the entire piece. There are many scratches and holes, and we have tried to follow them in the photos as best we can, but there may be scratches in places we cannot follow. There are several small holes on the sleeves. We assume that the damage was probably caused by creeping. There are no missing or damaged buttons. This is a non-ripstop item whose price has been skyrocketing recently, but we have priced it in consideration of its condition. It is in a condition with a sense of use, but we think it is also a cool element from a vintage point of view. We think it is an excellent item for both rep-enactiment and daily use. We are also selling pants at the same time, so please take a look at them as well. This is a real product, but we will be treated as used goods and released goods, so you can not return. Please understand. Size tag, no contract tag.
Size (flat): Shoulder width 46cm Body width 57cm Length 81.5cm Sleeve length 60cm

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