Real Frogskin Camouflage Dag Hunter Camouflage Pants with ERDL Fabric Modified Pockets Reversible

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These are actual frogskin camouflage pants, also known as Dug Hunter camouflage pants. They were probably used around the time of the Vietnam War, and are not military-issued, but rather modified from civilian goods. The color is similar to the camouflage fabric of the Korean Army, but the lining is reversible like the WWII Dag Hunter, so it is a different type of combat uniform. The lining also has pockets, so it can be worn reversibly. A button fly is used. When worn with the lining, it is buttoned from the back like WWII pants. The overall color has faded, giving the impression of white. The lining edge has a slightly red stain. A distinctive feature is that the buttock pockets are fitted with pocket flaps made of ERDL fabric. The fabric is made of HBT and is very durable. It is in good condition with some use and fading but still wearable. It is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat): waist 44cm hip 51cm inseam 73cm

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