Original Lizard Camouflage Jacket Top and Bottom Set Special Command Unit

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This is a top and bottom set of jacket and pants with French military lizard camouflage pattern.
The pattern is generally faded and the pattern is somehow visible. Repairs and scratches have been photographed as best as possible, but there may be scratches in unexpected places. Overall condition is not very good. The patch is from the commando force that fought with the MACV SOG. The rank is Second Lieutenant with name tape and airborne insignia sewn on. Please look there because I have also given a photo of the stitching from the back. Since it is attached without any discomfort, it is assumed that it is the first time to be attached. It is also becoming difficult to obtain a jacket of French Lizard pattern
It has become difficult to obtain a jacket with a French lizard pattern, how about it? I think it would add more reality to the MACV SOG collection! If you like!

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