Original Late War Lightweight Tiger Stripe Shirt, thin, scratched, used.

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Introducing the original Late War Lightweight Pattern Tiger Stripe Shirt. This is a release from our store references. We are not sure exactly what it is, but it was probably made in South Korea. The fabric is thinner and the fabric is not as strong as earlier Tiger Stripe shirts made in Japan. The pattern print is also a bit rough and has seeped through to the reverse side of the fabric due to the thinness of the fabric. The lining is also a cool piece. There is one scratch and one button on the right chest has been fitted with another. The collar is distinctive and has different fading. The overall appearance is tan and slightly yellow. It is not a beautiful new color. It is in used condition. I think that it is one item that can still be worn, but please understand that it is a vintage garment from more than 50 years ago.
It is a pattern with many photos used by special forces from the late 60s. It is a characteristic tiger stripe with a relatively thin fabric and poplin fabric is used instead of twill.
This item is subject to the original items return policy, so if you are not satisfied with the item after you receive it, we will be happy to return it for a certain period of time and provide a refund. Please contact us for additional photos or questions about the item prior to purchase. There is no size stamp.

Size (flat): shoulder width 52cm, body width 52cm, length 74cm, sleeve length 49cm.

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