Real Late war lightweight tiger stripe pants, faded, very used.

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These rate war lightweight tiger stripe pattern pants are estimated to have been used in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The fabric is very thin and is so called by collectors because of its overall light weight. Generally speaking, most pants were made in Japan in the early to late 1960s, but this pattern is generally believed to have been made in South Korea. At that time, a certain number of U.S. military procurement goods such as ARVN boots and other camouflage clothing were also produced in Korea, and the production base gradually changed to Korea and Taiwan in the latter half of the war due to differences in bidding amounts and labor costs, etc. Therefore, it is not strange if this tiger stripe is also assumed to have been made in Korea.

Lightweight fabric is used here as well, and the color has faded. One of the characteristics of this fabric is the tendency to mix white fading with yellow fading, depending on the lot and dyeing method of the fabric. This item also has the same fading, and there are some areas where it is assumed that a different lot of fabric was used. Some of the hand pockets, cargo pockets, and buttock pocket flaps may have been repaired, as the color is similar to new in some areas. The lightweight fabric of the Tiger Stripe also makes it a popular pattern for everyday wear. There is one missing button on the crotch (pinned with a safety pin) and one on the hip pocket. Another button is used on the buttock pocket. There is a large tear on the right hand pocket. This is a lightweight fabric, so this type of damage is relatively common with this pattern. It is in good condition with a strong sense of use, but can be said to be easily wearable. It is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat): waist 40cm hip 51cm inseam 73cm

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