Real Early Okinawa Tiger JWD short sleeve shirt, button missing & repaired, used.

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This is an early Okinawa Tiger pattern real short sleeve custom shirt. It is the same pattern also known as John Wayne or JWD by collectors. The overall color is faded, giving the impression that it is turning slightly white, but the color can still be felt. The first button is missing, and the second and fourth buttons have been repaired and another button has been sewn on. The fifth button may have been removed and has been reinforced with black thread. There is a tear on the bottom left hem. The short-sleeved Tiger is not a supply item, but is thought to have been modified by an individual. It is not used in combat, but is thought to have been modified for base and everyday use. There are no patches or other attachments. There is a size tag, but it has disappeared and the size is unknown. The pattern is beautiful and the color is still in good condition and can still be enjoyed. It is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat): Shoulder width 47.5cm Body width 50cm Length 63cm Sleeve length 21cm

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