Original South Vietnam Air Force ERDL locally made flight suit, stained, zipper and buttons damaged.

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Introducing the South Vietnamese Air Force ERDL Locally Made Flight Suit. To be precise, this is a flight suit cut by the South Vietnamese Air Force. It is an actual wartime flight suit of this cut.
Basically, it was worn by South Vietnamese soldiers. Therefore, the size is also small. The zipper is a hook type, not the auto-lock type that was the mainstream in the 1960s.
Unfortunately, the zippers on the arm pockets and shin pockets are damaged and there are areas where the sliders are missing. There are stains around the right and left knees.
It is in a condition that you can imagine it has been used and actually worn. The zippers on all sides have blue tape like blue sky. The zippers were stocked at Taylor at the time, so the pockets are different colors, which is an interesting feature of a locally made item. There is also a snap button on the chest, but it is damaged and can no longer be attached.
The sewing is very careful and there is no lining. The pockets are large enough to hold a large smart phone or other items. There is a smell that is unique to released items, so it will need to be maintained by drying it outside. Camouflage flight suits are not for fighter planes, but for helicopters, etc., and were personally procured by pilots in case of a crash in a war zone.
Therefore, these suits are not officially issued, but are generally procured by individual soldiers. It is hard to see in the photo, but there is a tag cut off at the back of the neck. There was probably a tailor's tag at that time, but unfortunately, it has been cut off and is not left. This is an actual product, but it is not returnable because it was sold as a used item and released goods. Please understand.
Size: 40cm width shoulder width 48cm width body length 159cm sleeve length 63cm waist 40 (around the waist) 82cm inseam
It is a measurement on a flat surface.

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