Original late model Jungle Fatigue, no tags, medium condition.

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Unknown age due to lack of tags, but here is a Original late model jungle fatigues. It is a ripstop fabric.
It is considered to be a NAM war lot of the early 1970s based on the sewing, color, etc.
On the left shoulder, there is a mark where the patch was removed and the affiliation tape was removed. On the left chest, there seems to be some kind of qualification insignia.
It seems that some kind of qualification insignia was sewn on the left chest, but all of them have been removed. There is also a mark on the right breast pocket where a patch was removed.
There is a partial tear in the lower right. Please confirm it with the photograph. It is difficult to see in the photo, but there are two large tears on the back of the base of the right arm.
There is fading throughout, and the overall condition is medium. It is not suitable for those who are looking for the best condition. This is not the best condition for those who are looking for the best condition, but it is in good condition for use in games and reanacting. Although this is an Original, it is considered a used item. Therefore, please understand that returns are not possible.

Size: 46cm width of shoulder width 56cm body width 77.5cm length 77.5cm sleeve length 61.5cm

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