Original Late Jungle Fatigue Ripstop M-S 1970 with GB patch (retrofitted)

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Introducing the Original late model Jungle Fatigue, contracted in 1970. This is the widely popular MEDIUM-SHORT size. This item has the SSI of the Army Special Forces "Green Beret" and the SSI of MACV sewn on it, and the general special forces patches are combined. Some of the original patches seem to have been modified, but the patches are basically made up of retrofitted patches. All patches are subdued. The RECONDO school patch is sewn onto the chest. The condition of the item is clean with no buttons missing and no noticeable stains. The color is greenish and faded throughout. Although it shows signs of use, I think it is still in good enough condition to be worn. We believe it can still be used for both reproduction and everyday use. This is an Original, but we will be treated as used and released goods, so returns are not possible. Please understand.


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