Original late model ripstop fabric jungle fatigues S-L with patch removal marks

Only 1 left in stock!

This is a beautiful piece of real late model, jungle fatigues. It is made of ripstop fabric. It is the most versatile cut.
There are marks where patches seem to have been attached and removed. There is damage to the left lower pocket with a sense of use. It is in good condition with some fading. As for the impression of the color, the OD color has a strong impression, but it has faded somewhat, and the khaki is strongly felt in the faded image. If anything, it seems as if the khaki drab color has faded. Overall, the color is faded and the color is very good with an atmosphere that feels white. It is an Original, but will be considered a released product, and will be treated as a used product. Please note that returns are not possible.


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