Real Okinawa Tiger Tiger Stripe JWD Zipper Fly Used

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We are pleased to introduce the real Okinawa Tiger Pattern Pants. The pattern is referred to by collectors as John Wayne or JWD. The pants are the rare zipper fly cut, not the US cut, but a zipper is used. The Okinawa Tiger is one of several types of Tiger Stripes with multiple color variations, but the editions used for those patterns all differ in detail. This pattern shares one thing in common: the colors are vibrant. There are no hand pockets, a single buttoned cargo pocket, one lidless pocket on the buttocks on the right side, and a zipper fly with a "SUPER" brass zipper made in Japan. The buttons are not flat buttons, but the same buttons used on the Jungle Fatigue. An equivalent cut type with a zigzag pattern tiger stripe existed from the same period. Although the waist is small, it has a unique cut that is fuller from the hips to the knees and tapers again toward the hem, and is assumed to have been made to be worn loosely for easy walking in the jungle. There is no chain stitching, and the buttonholes are poorly finished, so there is a possibility that the garment was privately procured, but this is just a guess. Although the overall color is faded, it is not so much that the color is lost, and the condition is good, so you can still enjoy it. There is no size stamp. Please note that this is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat): waist 37.5cm hip 43cm inseam 70cm

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