Real Okinawa Tiger JWD Tiger Stripe Pants, good condition, used.

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These are real Okinawan Tiger pants in a bright green color. This is the same pattern known as John Wayne or JWD by collectors. The Okinawa Tiger has countless variations in color and cut, but this pair is assumed to have been used relatively late in the war. Tigers of this color do not have the concept of US cut or Asian cut, and there are some pieces that do not have size stamps. The pants presented here are relatively large size pants, probably manufactured for American SF personnel and advisors. They have pockets on the hands, similar to the US Army's OG-107 utility pants, which are sewn on the outside. They have two cargo pockets, two buttock pockets, and no bandage pockets. They are zipper fly and use YKK zippers. In terms of cut configuration, it can be considered a US cut. These pants have many pockets and a zipper fly, so they are just right for everyday use. Although there is some fading, the condition is good, with no discernible coloring or discoloration. There are no noticeable stains or scratches. The price is relatively low for these pants, so why not take advantage of this opportunity? The fabric is thick and durable. They are used and cannot be returned.

Size (flat): waist 38cm, hip 51cm, inseam 69cm

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