Original U.S. Marine ERDL Jungle Fatigue, late model S-R, made in 1969, used.

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This is an ERDL Jungle Fatigue from 1969. It has a USMC and global anchor indicating the Marine Corps, but it was probably painted later. Overall, the piece shows signs of use and is what is known as a brown leaf. The distinctive feature is that the back and front are made of different lots of fabric. Since it has been used quite a bit, the overall color has faded to white. Please check the photos for fraying, scratches, etc. I think it is also one of the fun to wear a different color on the top and bottom. There is a sense of use, but I keep the state that can still be worn.
It is an actual product, but we will treat it as released goods, so we do not accept returns. Please understand. Size: SMALL-REGULAR

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