Original U.S. military release, 80's, helmet bag, poor condition, stained, age tag unreadable.

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This helmet bag is from the 1980s, which is rare these days. The age is unknown because the contract tag is unreadable. Judging from the zipper, etc., it is estimated to be from an early 1980's lot.
The condition of the bag is very well used and has stains and spots. The zipper works and can be closed, but the movement is slowing down, so it needs to be maintained with wax.
The lining is a slightly lighter OD with a bonded lining similar to a poncho liner that acts as a buffer to protect the helmet. The bag has a large capacity compared to its size, so it can be used for everyday use or to carry some items. The bag is a very rare item these days, so please take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy it. This item is sold as a used item and is non-returnable. Please understand that this is a used item and cannot be returned.

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