Real very rare VNMC Tiger Stripe Pants with DAJB stamp

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This is a release from our archives. It is a very rare DAJB stamped VNMC pattern tiger stripe with DAJB stamp and manufactured in cotton twill fabric instead of the common poplin fabric. This fabric matches the VNMC pattern jacket currently on sale.

The pants are stamped "TIGER CAMOUFLAGE A-L DAJB03-69-C-0137" on the inside of the pants near the buttocks, and since the pants themselves are nearly unused, it is believed that they have not disappeared. There are cases where the DAJB stamp or contract number is stamped on lots that have been confirmed and are said to have been made in Japan, such as the 1st and 2nd editions of the "Jungle Fatigue. However, it is said that the country of manufacture is divided according to the number after DAJB. The year 69 was the end of the war, and Tiger stripes were being manufactured outside of Japan at that time, so I would guess that these are VNMC pattern Tiger pants procured by CISO or APA for some reason. I think it is possible to guess that these are VNMC pattern tiger pants procured by CISO or APA. Since there are no records, we can only speculate. The VNMC pattern jacket that we are exhibiting at the same time was repaired with fabric from the Late War pattern, so there is no discrepancy in the period and age of use. In that sense, the stamped tiger stripes are very valuable. Many of them had contract numbers on the packaging vinyl, but stamps on the body are rare. This item is for collectors.

The pants are in almost unused condition, and the colors of the prints from those days are still beautiful. The drawcord at the hem is also present. There are no pockets at hand for the general Asian cut pants. The pants have five pockets in total. They have a button fly. Overall, there are some stains and so on that are associated with long-term storage, but in general, I think it can be said that they are in good condition. They are used and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size: A-L

Size (flat): Waist 42cm, Hip 51cm, Inseam 71cm

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