Real 1940s US Marine Corps Frog Skin Camouflage P44 Reversible Pants Used

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These are real 1940s U.S. Marine Corps Frog Skin camouflage pants, also known as "Duck Hunter Camouflage" pants.

These pants are called P44, the second model. One of the features of these pants is that they are reversible, so the color of camouflage used can be changed depending on the season and location. I do not know if they were actually worn or if they were worn after the war, but they have a very worn look and the camouflage has faded overall. The camouflage is not completely gone, but it has faded to a certain extent since it is old. There are some red stains on the reverse side. The red stains are concentrated on the reverse side near the buttocks. The buttons are button fly with US MARINE CORPS stamped on them, but unfortunately only the bottom button has been replaced. The buttons are also rusted, so I assume that the red stain is the result of rust or some other stain that cannot be removed. The size stamp is 36. There is a sense of use very much, and it can be said that it is still strong as pants of 75 years or more ago though there are faded color and dirt, etc. This is a rare item in our store, so if you are looking for it, how about it? We hope you will still enjoy these items. Because it is a used item, returns are not possible. Please understand.

Size: 36

Size (flat): waist 42cm hip 54cm inseam 79cm

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