Real 1963 1st Model Jungle Fatigue Pants, long term storage, used.

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These are real 1st Model (early model) Jungle Fatigue pants from the 1964 contract.

Leg cargo ties are not included.

Overall, the edges are white and faded, indicating that they have been used, not unused. It has been cleaned once and has an overall sheen to it as it has been stored with glue remaining. There are no missing buttons and it is in good condition. There is a hole near the back side of the right pocket. The color is greenish with a bit of gray. The early and middle type features shiny fatigued buttons. All buttons are the same, so they have not been repaired and remain in the same condition as the first time they were worn. The size is SHORT-SMALL, so many people can enjoy this item. Early model pants are very rare, so please don't miss this opportunity. They are used, so they are non-returnable. Please understand.

Size (label): SHORT-SMALL

Size (flat): Waist 40cm, Hip 50cm, Inseam 75cm

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