Real 1967 3rd Model Jungle Fatigue Jacket USAF, personal modification, Taylor fix.

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This is a 1967 Poplin 3rd Model Jungle Fatigue Jacket. This jacket was worn by USAF enlisted men and has been modified with short sleeves, just like the Air Force. The name tape, branch tape, and rank insignia are locally made embroidered items, all sewn with the same thread. The custom short sleeves also use the same threads and have been modified by Taylor to create a princess line. Since the same thread was also used for these items, it can be said without a doubt that they were all tailored at the same time and were the first items to be attached at that time. It is presumed that they were probably tailored by Air Force soldiers who brought them to Taylor in Vietnam to be worn fashionably. It should be noted that there is a mark on the left chest where a pen was put in and out many times. There are several black lines, so this is a very fine item that shows the wear of the time. Please note that it has been fixed at Taylor, so although it is a SMALL-REGULAR size, it is smaller. There is fading throughout, and the edges, buttons, and other parts have faded to white. There are also stains. Because it is a used product, we cannot return it. Please understand.


Size (flat): Shoulder width 46cm Body width 53cm Length 75cm Sleeve length 20cm Waist 40cm (around the waist)

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