Real 1967 3rd Model Jungle Fatigue Jacket USAF Direct Embroidery Non Ripstop

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Introducing the 3rd Model Jungle Fatigue Jacket, the real deal.

Branch, name, rank, and qualification insignia are directly embroidered. 3rd Model is a cut of Jungle Fatigue called the late model, but one of the features is the use of OD fabric made of poplin. This is a valuable jacket that is said to have existed in small quantities during the transition from the 2nd Model. The jacket is made of a poplin OD fabric, but is also made of jungle fatigues. This particular piece is also directly embroidered with hand gestures, which is a very attractive finish. The overall color is OD with a darker impression and faded edges. The edges of the buttons are visible due to long-term storage. The size tag and contract tag remain and are stamped. The collar is worn and slightly torn, as is often the case with fatigues that have been used. It will last longer if you repair it by applying a cloth over it.

The patches are also subdued, so you can enjoy this item day in and day out without it being noticeable.

This is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand that this is a used item and cannot be returned.

Size (label): SMALL REGULAR

Size (flat): Shoulder width 45.5cm Body width 56cm Length78cm Sleeve length 61cm

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