Real 1970 USAF L2-B flight jacket with patches (retrofitted)

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This is an actual 1970 USAF L2-B flight jacket. From this time on, the pockets have a lid and a snap button closure system. Lined with a rayon and wool rescue orange liner. The body has no noticeable damage, but there are some stains associated with age and some stitch marks from when the patches were removed. The knit has no noticeable damage on the front, but from the back, there are repairs and damage to both the sleeves and the back of the neck. The patches are likely to have been added later, and although the vintage is over 50 years old, it is still in wearable condition, except for the condition of the knit. This jacket is perfect for relatively warm winter days or early spring. It would be nice to modify the patches to make it army specs or something. This is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.


Measured flat: shoulder width 47cm, body width 58cm, length 54cm, sleeve length 55cm

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