Real 1970 U.S. Army M65 Extreme Cold Weather Parka Shell Only Used

Only 1 left in stock!

We now have in stock several M65 Extreme Cold Weather Parkas, which are very popular these days.

Also known as a fishtail or mod coat, this is a popular fashionable winter wear for the U.S. military. This time, only the shell is in stock, and only one Large size liner is sold at the same time. While it is a highly functional coat that is perfectly fine in midwinter when the liner is attached, it is also a great coat that can be enjoyed well into early spring when the liner is removed.

All of the models we have in stock this time are unique early models that are not available in the later models, and the number of these models is limited nowadays. How about this opportunity?

Made in 1970. The overall color is faded and slightly white. There are several large repair marks on the right sleeve. It should be noted that the zipper is made of aluminum, not brass. The slider is damaged and has been replaced with a wire. It would be easier to open and close the zipper by attaching a strap using a clip or similar. The lining is stamped in black letters. The name tape is not originally sewn on. This is a rare aluminum zipper, even though the number of these zippers has been decreasing in recent years. There are some repair marks, but the coat is strong and can still be worn. This is a used item and cannot be returned.

Size (label): SMALL-REGULAR

Size (flat): Shoulder width 57cm, Body width 61cm, Length 96cm, Sleeve length 62cm

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