Real CISO Rucksack & OG-107 Utility Shirt US Army Green Beret Groping

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This will be an real set of OG-107 shirts and CISO rucksacks of Green Beret soldiers who participated in WWII, Korean and Vietnam wars. Documents and background are not included. The 1967 OG-107 is unused, has SSI, rank insignia, name tape, and branch tape, but no airborne jump wings. For reasons unknown, the CISO rucksack shows signs of use. The CISO rucksack has no major damage or stains, but there are signs of actual use throughout. The belt and strap hardware is stained and rusted. The fabric is raised and worn in some areas. There are no major stains inside the rucksack. This is a very Special Forces-like grouping set. Both items are used and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Shirt size (flat): shoulder width 46cm body width 56cm length 76.5cm sleeve length 58cm

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