Real Fat Tiger Sparse Pattern Tiger Stripe Pants, unused, long term storage.

This item is temporary out of stock

The Tiger Stripe pants are known among collectors as Fat Tiger, John Wayne Sparse, or JWS. The pattern is characterized by wide black stripes and darker colors overall, with slightly brighter brown and darker green dots being popular. The item presented here is very rare and unused. Unfortunately, there is a white stain on the hem in front of the left leg, but the color is close to the factory condition. Please consider that the item has been in storage for a long time, so there is some tanning and fading due to indoor light and sunlight. The size is stamped A-M. Tiger close to unused is very rare, and I think that it can be said to be an item that you can enjoy a little bit of change over time of the real thing by collection, and wearing from now on. It is close to unused goods, but will be treated as used goods from the elapsed years, etc.. Please note that we do not accept returns.

Size (stamp): A-M

Size (flat): Waist 36cm Hip 44cm Inseam 72cm

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