Original JWD Pattern Okinawa CISO Tiger Stripe CISO Cut Boonei Hat

This item is temporary out of stock

We have just received a Tiger Stripe real boonie hat in very good condition and beautiful color. The pattern is the general coloring found on JWD and Okinawa CISO tigers. It is a beautifully balanced fabric with almost no fading, beautiful lime green coloration, dark black coloration, and slightly lighter brown coloration. It is a general CISO cut, a pattern commonly used in CISG and Special Forces. It is presumed to have been made in Japan at that time. Compared to shirts and pants, boonie hats are rare to find in good condition, so the price is high, but we think you will be satisfied with this item. The air vent is rusted and there is no size stamp or tag on the lining. This is a great item to add to your collection. This item is subject to the return policy for actual merchandise, so if you are not satisfied with the item after you receive it, we will be happy to return it for a certain period of time and refund your money. Please contact us for additional photos or questions about the item prior to purchase.

Size: about 55-56

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