Real TO78 Okinawa Tiger Tiger stripe pants, damaged, real, fabric in good condition.

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This is an exhibit from our archives. This is an introduction of the actual Tiger Stripe Pants, one of the most famous Okinawa Tigers with the contract number TO78. Some believe that they were made in Taiwan, but as far as we can tell from past research on contract numbers of unopened items with contract numbers, this unit is assumed to have been contracted in Japan. This is the same shirt as the Tiger Pattern, also known as TDD or Tadpole Dens among collectors. there is also a boonie hat with contract TO79, which we assume was made in Taiwan. In fact, it is possible that the fabric was printed in Japan and sewn in Taiwan due to differences in color and print.

There are some marks near the hem and knees that have been repaired with the same fabric and are damaged. The repairs are not clean, but they are sturdy and have been repaired. The fabric has not faded much and retains its original color. TO78 Okinawa Tiger shirts are relatively easy to find, but pants are rare. There are large repair marks, and the lining is also covered with a cloth. Please contact us anytime if you would like to check the condition. There is a size stamp and it says TO78 A-M. Because it is a used item, it cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size: A-M

Size (flat): waist 41cm, hip 50cm, inseam 72cm

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