Civilian Products Camouflage Beogum Camouflage Short Brim Bush Hat Hunting Gear

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It is probably old civilian hunting gear, presumably from around the Vietnam War. The camouflage pattern is similar to the U.S. Army's frogskin (commonly known as Dug Hunter) camouflage, which is also known as beogum. It was also worn by the early SF and Navy SEALs, but we do not know if this piece is from that time. We think this is a good item for substitute or daily use. For these reasons, we will be offering this item in the replica category. The item is in good condition, no color fading can be seen, but from the wear and tear on the label, we can say that it was worn. There are no noticeable scratches. Some of the stitching may be a little rough, but these are product specifications.

Because it is a used product, returns are not possible. Please understand.

Size: 56 approx.

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