Unknown authenticity, real fabric, unknown era, Frogskin "Duck Hunter" pants, good condition.

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These pants are in Duck Hunter camouflage with real fabrics. From the fabric used and the buttons, we can guess that these pants were made by the French army around the time of the Indochina War. The fabric is a little stiff like hanpu and the camouflage print is bright. The pockets are different from those of the U.S. Army pants, and there is a holder sewn under the right leg to hold a knife or other long object. It is assumed that these are probably the pants of paratroopers or reconnaissance soldiers. The fabric and sewing are very good, so you can still enjoy these pants. For these reasons, we are placing this item in the real goods category. These pants are different from the typical Duck Hunter camouflage pants, so I think they will be an item that you can use every day. They are used and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size: waist 40cm hip 51cm inseam 76cm

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