[10/30 Shipping Start] MILITARIA 1911 GOLD TIGER STRIPE SOUVENIR JACKET Super Limited Edition

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The second product of the MILITARIA 1911 Gold Tiger Stripe, which was released in June 2022 to great acclaim, is the Superannia Jacket. This page is for the Super Limited Edition.

The Souvenir Jacket is a generic term for jackets and jumpers that were sold in souvenir stores near U.S. military bases in South Vietnam and Okinawa. Our store now offers jackets manufactured using tiger stripe fabric, which was manufactured for a time during and after the Vietnam War. These jackets are manufactuired of items that soldiers such as special forces brought surplus fabrics to local tailors, etc. at that time and procured them privately. The number of Souvenir jackets made of tiger stripe fabric is very few and very rare, but we have sampled the original one.

The Super Limited Edition is lined with a vintage poncho liner from the 1970s. Therefore, there are individual differences in color fading and condition depending on the individual. Ponchos from the 70's were made of 100% nylon with polyester cotton between the fabrics, which makes them very warm. Nylon is particularly good at retaining heat, so it will work well not only in the fall but also in the winter. Since we tend to wear thicker clothes in winter, the size of this item is a little larger than indicated. In addition, the Super Limited uses vintage HAMA zippers from the 60's. Only a few were found in Okinawa. HAMA zippers were made in Japan by a company called Shin Nihon Zipper, which existed in Higashi-Osaka at the time. The number of HAMA zippers in circulation is limited, and it has been confirmed that they were used on Japanese-made Tiger Stripes, which is very rare. Since this is a vintage zipper, it can be smoothly used by performing maintenance such as using wax to improve the movement. The buttons used on the sleeves are original buttons that were used on the Okinawa Tiger in the 1960s. We have adopted deadstock buttons found in Okinawa for all jackets. The pockets are slightly larger to accommodate large smartphones.

Tiger stripes are famous for shirts, pants, and boonie hats, but this Souvenir Jacket is an item that will be useful from fall to spring, so please take this opportunity to enjoy wearing this jacket even in cooler temperatures.


*The lining is 100% nylon fabric, so ironing is not possible. The lining will melt.

*Vintage zippers need to be maintained by rubbing wax on them to make them smooth. Please do maintenance before use as it may be damaged if moved forcibly.

*Poncho liners are made from original vintage items. Please understand that there are individual differences.

*Our cotton fabric will shrink. The side is. -1%. and the length is -6%. Length will shrink, but not in a way that makes it difficult to wear. The length of the garment will shrink, but not in such a way as to make it difficult to wear.

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