1980's lot Schott Double rider's jacket, lining MILITARIA 1911 gold tiger fabric

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This is a one-of-a-kind item that was restored using our MILITARIA 1911 Gold Tiger Stripe fabric for the lining of a 1980's lot Schott double riders jacket. The sleeve lining is made of a smooth nylon fabric, so only the back and all sides are lined with Tiger fabric. The sleeve ends in particular are very creased from wear and the edges are hardened in some areas, so maintenance is required. The zipper is made of YKK without the Schott logo. The lining of the hand pockets has also been restored to nylon fabric, but only the coin pocket is in its original condition. The slider on the left breast pocket is partially damaged (with broken parts), and the zipper on the right hand pocket needs to be repaired as it is difficult to close. Overall, this item has a strong sense of use. There is a smell unique to leather jackets, but it will not bother you if you maintain it with oil and deodorize it. Please consider that the jacket itself is not in good condition. The label is also transplanted as it was at that time. Since we use our first lot of Gold Tiger fabric, the color will gradually fade and change as you wear it, so it is an item that you should enjoy over a long period of time. We are sorry, but we will be treated as used goods because this is a restored item. Please note that we do not accept returns.

Size:shoulder width 47cm body width 52cm length 57cm sleeve length 58cm

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