1980's Okinawa Souvenir Jacket, hand embroidered, zipper damaged.

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This is an estimated 1980's Okinawan souvenir jacket. The back is hand embroidered with a map of Okinawa, a torii gate, and other general designs. The front is embroidered with "Mike," so I think the name was embroidered later on an already made jacket with an Okinawan design. The zipper seems to have stuck due to heat, etc. and is not working. It needs to be repaired. It comes with a label of a manufacturer that used to exist in Okinawa. It is assumed that the jacket was also made in Okinawa. The embroidery is large, so there is a possibility that the embroidery was done before the jacket was assembled. It is assumed that the jacket was hand-embroidered and assembled by the same manufacturer. Overall, the jacket is in good condition with no fading. It is still in good condition to be enjoyed. This is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat): Shoulder width 45cm Body width 50cm Length 56cm Sleeve length 53cm

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