Authenticity unknown Silver Tiger Stripe, different variation? US-S size

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These are Tiger Stripe pants with silver tiger stripe pattern, and are black and shiny, so they are thought to be dead stock without being drained. The color variation may be a Korean or Taiwanese contracted item, but since it has a US stamp and is a US cut with a stamp on hand, there is a possibility that it was manufactured after the war using the actual fabric and buttons, so its authenticity is unknown. The fabric is the same pattern as the real one and the printing method is the same, so it is considered to be manufactured in Japan in the late war period. The fabric is brightly colored and differs from the colors of the TO78 Okinawa Tiger. The ladle and scoop pattern, one of the characteristics of the Silver Tiger, is on the front. Button fly. The fabric is thick and soft to the touch. The sewing has unknown points in the production period, but the fabric can be said to be real, so it is a bargain in a sense. It is still in good condition to be enjoyed. Because it is a used item, it cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size: US-S

Size (flat): Waist 37cm Hip 50cm Inseam 77.5cm

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