[Delivery in early March 2024] MILITARIA 1911 Silver Tiger Stripe Locally Made Bag MADE IN JAPAN

素材:1966 Vintage Cotton Tape
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*Scheduled to begin shipping sequentially around early March 2024. Any changes will be announced on our social media.

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This is a reproduce of the MILITARIA 1911 in 2023, using the Silver Tiger fabric, molded and finished from locally made bags manufactured in our archives in Taylor, Kin-City, Okinawa. The original bag had paracord handles, but for ease of use, two types of tape were used for the handles: a bag using 1966 U.S. Army deadstock cotton tape, and a bag using presumed 1970s U.S. Army nylon tape. The nylon tape bag weighs less than the cotton bag because the tape is thinner and lighter. The lining is made from a U.S. Army sleeping bag cover from the late 1940s to 1950s. A single piece of tiger stripe fabric is not strong enough, but by sewing on a solid lining, sufficient strength is ensured. Both bags are finished with vintage parts that give them a 1960s-1970s charm. The size is 34 cm (length), 44 cm (width), 21 cm (depth), and the rise of the handle is approximately 19-20 cm. Our special label and an inside pocket are attached to the back. It has enough space for a helmet as well as a 2-night trip. This bag can be used for a wide variety of purposes such as daily use, shopping, participating in events, traveling, etc. The fabric will of course change over time with use and will fade to white like the real thing.

The lining is made of multiple fabrics due to availability, so some pieces may not be finished in the same fabric. This is because it is difficult to use the same lot because of the use of vintage materials. Please understand.


*The product photo is a sample product. There is a possibility that some specifications will be changed from the actual product to be delivered.

*Please note that there will be individual differences such as the position of the camouflage pattern. You can not choose.

Our cotton fabric will shrink. The horizontal shrinkage is -0.8% and the vertical shrinkage is -2%. Shrinkage will be reduced by stretching it gently when it is wet.

*We do not accept custom-made items with individual size adjustments due to fabric availability.

*We do not accept size alterations or sewing of patches. Please make your own arrangements.

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