MILITARIA 1911 Tiger Stripe Helmet Bag TO78 Okinawa Tiger Pattern Type MADE IN JAPAN

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Using the same factory and the same pattern as the MILITARIA 1911 Gold Tiger Helmet Bag, which was released last year and sold out in less than a month, we made the helmet bag using the same ready-made fabric available today. Of course, the same product tag as last year's helmet bag is sewn on the bag, and the same pattern as last year's bag is used. Most of the reissued helmet bags in the general market are based on the bags made in the 1980s or later, when the metal fittings were installed. We are concerned with the reproduced of helmet bags from the 1960s to the 1970s.

This time, we have prepared and manufactured two types of Tiger pattern.

The fabrics are not made by us. We chose the best quality fabrics available today.

This page is for TO78 Okinawa Tiger pattern type helmet bag.

TO78 Okinawa Tiger is a Tiger pattern said to have been manufactured in the late 1970s, and is famous for its greenish color and features that were found in the Silver Tiger pattern. The fabric we offer this time is very similar to the Tiger pattern itself, although the colors are very close, and the pattern has errors in it, as it closely resembles the early Okinawa Tiger. The fabric is as durable as the real thing and can be filled with a variety of items.

For the lining, we used a vintage poncho liner from the 1970s-1990s. We have selected a good quality lining, but it is in reasonable condition as it is a vintage item.

We are sorry, but you cannot choose the lining. We will send them to you in the order of your order.

We will only be producing a limited number of these so please don't miss out on this opportunity!

Size:51 cm (width) X 49 cm (length) (no waiting width)

The handle rises up to 10cm.


*Ironing cannot be used because of the nylon fabric used for the lining. The lining may melt.

*The softness of the fabric makes it easier to collapse than the actual helmet bag.

*The position of the camouflage pattern is not selectable due to individual differences. Vintage parts are used for the lining. Please note that there are individual differences as well.

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