Real 1968 VNMC 4th pattern tiger stripe pants Q7 big size used

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Among the South Vietnamese Marine Corps Tiger Stripes, this pattern is the same as the 4th pattern, which is popular and is also called Seawave by collectors.There are several VNMC patterns, and the colors have changed with time, and there are many distinctive patterns that are different from those made in Japan or Thailand, and they are also popular in terms of being locally made in Vietnam. Tiger stripes are also popular as a special category from the point of view of being locally made in Vietnam. The 4th pattern pants this time are Q7 and very large, and the stamp remains inside the pants, so you can tell that they were made in 1968. The size is large enough to be worn by modern people. There is a stain on the front left knee area, but other than that, they are in beautiful condition with little fading. There are three holes near the base of the crotch. Please check the photos. Unlike Tiger made in Japan, the sewing is unique, and the interior finish of the pants is a little inferior, but they are still in wearable condition, although there are some areas that need repair. However, please note that the fabric of the VNMC 4th pattern is relatively thinner than other patterns. Another major difference is that VNMC Tigers generally do not have cargo pockets, but only a large pocket at hand, similar to the U.S. Army's utility pants. This particular pair also has the QM stamp, so it is factory made and likewise has no cargo pockets, only pockets on the hands and buttocks. Advisors dispatched from the U.S. Marine Corps tailored their own pants using the same fabric, so there are examples of pants with cargo pockets. This time, we are introducing a very rare large size factory-made item. It is in good condition with no fading and no missing buttons. Because it is a used item, returns are not possible. Please understand.

Size: Q7

Size (flat): Waist 49cm Hip 59cm Inseam 33cm Inseam 75cm

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