Real 1970 US Navy NAVY SEAL Float Coat Radio Man Used

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This is the commonly known SEAL FLOAT coat worn by the U.S. Navy SEAL team, which was active in the latter half of the Vietnam War. There are three types of float coats: rifleman, grenadier, and radioman. The one we have just received is called a "radioman," which is considered rare due to its low production numbers. It has a hole on the back for the radio operator to carry a radio. It is in excellent condition with little signs of use and no fading. The coat has a floating device that uses carbon dioxide gas to inflate underwater in case of emergency. Of course, this piece is also equipped with this device. However, the CO2 gas cylinder to inflate it has been removed and is missing. Of course, there is a tag attached to the back of the neck, which proves that it is the real one. The size is Medium-Long, which is perfect. Don't miss out on this opportunity. It is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand that this is a pre-owned item and cannot be returned.

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Size: M-L

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