Real Base Replica Green ERDL Jacket MACV SOG Troop Custom Reproduction B

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This replica jacket is based on the actual ERDL jacket with customizations such as sewing on additional pockets as was done by MACV SOG personnel who were active during the Vietnam War. It has two additional pockets on each arm and two additional pockets on the lower back. It is in good condition with scratches in places and a lot of fading and scuffs. There are also some repairs. Labels and other items remain, but usually SOG members remove labels and size tags when wearing. It is also useful for games and reenactments, and I think it is still in good condition for everyday use. Although this is a replica based on the real thing, we will treat it in the real thing category because many of the fabrics and parts are real, but it is not a custom made by a soldier during the war, but only a reproduction. They are used items and cannot be returned. Please understand.


Size (flat):

Shoulder width 48cm Body width 60cm Length 80cm Sleeve length 60cm

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