Real British Army SAS smock WINDPROOF camouflage smock, size unknown, heavy fabric, black dyed, used.

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Introducing the WINDPROOF camouflage smock worn by the British Army SAS (Special Air Service) during World War II. It is a pullover type jacket. It is also called "brushstroke camouflage" by collectors, but it is the same smock. The SAS is a historical unit that is still active as a Special Forces unit in the British Army, and at the time of WWII was active in sabotage, airborne operations, and assault operations using vehicles. After WWII, these pants were used by French paratroopers in the Indochina War, and are also famous for their camouflage. In the Indochina War, the same fabric was used to make paratrooper pants, and the smock was modified with a zipper to make it easier to put on and take off, and it was also used until the 1950s.

This item has no ribbing on the hands and is also characterized by the use of a heavy denim fabric. It has been intentionally dyed black, although it is unclear if this was during or after the war. Much of the blackness has already faded, and the camouflage color is closer to that of the main body, but the overall impression of black remains. The lining is particularly blackened, and the size tag is unreadable because it has been dyed. It is difficult to see the lining when wearing, but please be careful because there is a possibility of color migration in a wet condition. In addition, a wax-like substance has been applied to the entire piece, perhaps for waterproofing purposes. It may feel a little sticky, but not so much that it stains other clothes. There are no noticeable scratches, stains, or missing buttons, but it has been dyed black, and there are many points where it is difficult to say that it is in perfect condition from the point of use, but it is still in good condition to be used. Because it is a used item, it cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat): shoulder width 70cm body width 71cm length 53cm sleeve length 48cm

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