Real CIDG Beogam camouflage ASIAN CUT shirt, Very faded, used.

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Introducing the Beogam Camouflage Aian Cut shirt, which is highly used and faded. No size tag remains. One of the characteristics of the fading of the beogum camouflage is that the black and brown colors fade to purple. This shirt is very easy to recognize, with strong fading on all sides and some of the original color remaining on the back. The fabric is a thick cotton fabric. There is a stain on the front facing left near the chest pocket. The bottom four buttons have been changed. It is assumed that they are buttons from the same era. The feeling of use is strong and the color is faded. It is still in good condition to be enjoyed. This is a used item and cannot be returned.

Size (flat): Shoulder width 49cm, Body width 49cm, Length 62cm, Sleeve length 51cm

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