Real CIDG Beogum camouflage locally made duck hunter pants, used.

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These are real Beogum camouflage pants with overall sun fading. The fabric used is made in Japan, but the cut is different from regular Beogum camouflage. From the sewing condition, we can guess that they are locally made in Vietnam. There is a strong sense of use, and there are some repairs. The overall color is faded and there are some discolored areas. It is in strong condition with a strong sense of use. There are no missing buttons, etc.Beogum camouflage was used prior to tiger stripes and was active from the early days of the Vietnam War. This piece is probably made in Japan, as the fabric is thicker and the selvedge edge, fabric, and sewing stitches are similar to those of the early Tiger Stripe. There are many variations of fabrics, but this one is a thick cotton fabric with a good texture. Because it is a used item, it cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat): waist 35cm hip 47cm inseam 67cm

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