Real Fabric Frogskin Camouflage French Army Airborne Jacket Reproduction Duck Hunter Used

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This is a French military airborne jacket made from real US military frogskin camouflage fabric. Only the fabric is real. The back side is HBT frogskin, the rest of the fabric is probably USMC shelter half tent like fabric. Some Mitchell pattern camouflage is visible, so fabrics from during the Vietnam War and other fabrics were also used and mixed. All of the fabrics are reversible, so the lining is a camouflage pattern for sandy areas. They are in used condition, but there is little fading overall, no stains, no missing buttons, etc. There are some holes repaired on the back. It is assumed that these holes are probably original holes in the fabric that was used. This jacket is a replica of the paratrooper jackets used by the French Army during the Indochina War, and is thought to be a reproduction of the camouflage fabrics used by the French Army during that time as well as by the US Army. This is a typical French military paratrooper jacket cut, but it is not a perfect reproduction as there are differences in some details. It is a locally made item. It is a valuable piece in that the actual fabric was used. It is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat): shoulder width 55cm body width 75cm length 78cm sleeve length 58cm

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