Real Fabric South Vietnam Field Military Police Cloud Camouflage Pants Used

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These are South Vietnamese Field Military Police Cloud camouflage pants that existed during the Vietnam War. The fabric is real, but the pants are believed to have been sewn after the war. Cloud camouflage is a copy of the U.S. Army Mitchell pattern backside camouflage, and was the camouflage pattern used by field military police, CIA advisors, etc. at the time. It is a brown-based camouflage, a rare pattern during the Vietnam War. The fabric appears to be used and has some fading and stains. The buttons are similar to those of the U.S. Army fatigues. These pants are rare in large sizes, as most ARVN items come in small sizes. The backside of the button fly is partially made of the same South Vietnamese leaf camouflage. These pants are still very useful. If you are looking for these pants, please don't miss them. They are used and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat): waist 49cm inseam 34cm inseam 83cm hip 58cm width across 33cm

Width at hem: 24cm

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