Real Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 1980's Kumazasa Camouflage Jacket, Used, Scratches

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This is a rare item for us. It is the camouflage uniform of the Japan Self-Defense Forces in the 1980s. In Japan, it is commonly called "Kumazasa camouflage" and is the camouflage combat uniform worn before the transition to the current camouflage uniform. The distinctive feature of this camouflage uniform is the zipper fly, which is a combination of a shirt and a jacket. The zipper is made by YKK and is custom-made with their trademark cherry blossom. The back is scratched and needs to be repaired. The color is faded due to heavy use. The fabric is a little stiff as it seems to have been glued and stored. Washing will alleviate this problem. It is a government-issued item with a label. It seems to have been worn by former Japan Self-Defense Force officers belonging to the Ground Self-Defense Force. Current JSDF combat uniforms are rarely available to the public, but items from older times are available on the market. The camouflage is very distinctive, but the item is still in good condition and can be enjoyed. This is a used item and cannot be returned.

Size: 2

Size (flat): Shoulder width 45 cm, Body width 51 cm, Length 73 cm, Sleeve length 55 cm

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