Real Late War Pattern Tiger Stripe Shirt, almost unused, size A-L.

This item is temporary out of stock

This is an introduction of a shirt with a late tiger stripe pattern that was used from about 1969 among tiger stripes. It is also called "Late War" by collectors. It probably appeared in the late 60's, and many units used it because of the thinness of the fabric and comfort, but it was gradually replaced by the ERDL. This time, among the Late War pattern shirts, it is an introduction of a wonderful individual with little sense of use and good size A-L. There is almost no fading, no stains, no tears, etc. The fabric is thin and comfortable to wear, but on the other hand, it is easy to tear. The tiger stripes are often repaired on used units. This shirt is in very good condition and can still be enjoyed. The item is close to unused, but will be treated as used. Please note that returns are not possible.

Size: A-L

Size (flat): Shoulder width 48cm Body width 55cm Length 67cm Sleeve length 58cm

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