Real Late War Pattern Tiger Stripe Shirt Heavyweight Fabric Used

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This shirt has the Tiger Stripe pattern, known as Late War because it appeared in the latter stages of the Vietnam War. The Late War pattern is known to exist in two types: lightweight and heavyweight fabrics, and this is a heavyweight fabric. This is a relatively rare lot. Late War Patterns are said to be made in Korea, and the difference between this lot and the one said to be made in Japan is in the fineness of the pattern. Compared to patterns that have existed since the early days, which are said to be made in Japan, the difference in terms of molding, such as camouflage edges and the fineness of each color's pattern, is remarkable. The sewing is sturdy, but the fabric is more prone to tearing than other tiger stripes, so please be careful.

The chest is two-buttoned, and the rest of the dress is a typical Asian cut. There is little fading and the original color is felt but there are a few spray stains that look bright green. There are no missing buttons and no major tears, so it is otherwise in good condition. The shirt is in good condition. This is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (measurements placed flat):

Shoulder width 46cm Body width 48cm Length 64cm Sleeve length 51cm

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