Real ERDL ARVN utility pants made by Poplin, large size, used.

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These are real ARVN utility pants from ERDL made by Poplin. There is fading and whitening in some areas throughout, no QM stamps, no other markings, no other markings, no other markings. It is assumed to be a Taylor item. There is a hunting jacket from the same period with a similar cut, but it is different from that one. The fabric is from a lot with blotchy edges from a print around the mid-term period. The hem is stained. There are no missing buttons, etc. They are a large size and are still in good condition to be enjoyed. The cut is similar to the U.S. Army utility pants, so please enjoy them easily. Because it is a used item, returns are not possible. Please understand.

Size (flat): Waist 48.5cm Hip 62cm Inseam 74cm

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